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Water Quality / Conservation

Water Quality/Conservation

Let’s work together to be good stewards of our region’s water during the time of year that 
water conservation is most needed. Whether you water by hand or have an automatic sprinkler 
system, you can use these simple tips to save water and money while keeping your landscape 
(and the region) healthy this summer:
1. Know how much water you are using when you water your landscape. Use these steps to 
find out how long it takes your sprinkler or hose to water an inch (see step three for why 
that’s important!).
2. Create a watering schedule. Choosing (or programming) set days and times to water 
your landscape is also key to watering wisely. For example, your watering schedule
could be Wednesday at 6:00pm and Saturday at 6:00am.
3. Sign up for the Weekly Watering Number. Get your zip code specific watering 
recommendation in inches each week via text or email by signing up
Start with these simple steps to use water wisely this summer and all year-round! Get more tips 
and resources at regionalH2O.org.